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Husquvarna 610 TE with MVAugusta seat conversion and "CRYSIS" inspired paintjob.

This bike will have LED rear lights and head lights. Most likely the exhaust silencers will be shortened and of course the "off road tyres will give way to Supermotard road tyres.

nearly there now, just need to figure out a nice front mudguard, note the shortened Exhaust silencer and the red backlight in the radiator cowling


Honda XR 250 Super Motard conversion

XR 250 with onepiece seat unit (rear section from MV Augusta seat mould) Aluminium, carbon sheet rear subframe, TDR 250 front end, LED rear light unit and hand made LED rear indicators, Tyres will be 140/18 front and 150/18 rear.

Progress so far: seat unit has been finalised and mounted on the custom rear subframe, wiring loom finished, custom chain tensioner added carbon fibre side panel trimmed, numberplate holder mounted on underset exhaust and headlight unit mounted, nearly there!!! Things to do list includes, front mudguard and possible rear mud guard.



 Mercedes Mirror Covers


 not laquered yet








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